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Goat School 


8-10 March 2024

Rize / Artvin

Foothills of Kaçkar MountainsWe are waiting for you on our trip to witness the birth of goats and live a Black Sea story, accompanied by shepherds..



Day 1: Friday, March 8, 2024

We will be visiting our first herd after a delicious breakfast with our guests whom we welcomed from Rize-Artvin airport in the morning. The shepherd family's hospitality and care for their goats and kids will fascinate us all. When we return to our accommodation, a dinner by the fire will be waiting for us. In the evening of the first day, we will be watching an enjoyable documentary about goat farming. 55-year-old shepherd Yetişan İnce will be accompanying our conversation and trip. 


Day 2: Saturday, March 9, 2024

After breakfast at our accommodation, we will set out towards our goat herd. This time, after reaching our herd in Papuzeni hamlet in Rize's Fındıklı district, we will meet our host shepherd. Throughout the flock's journey, our shepherd will guide us with his knowledge and stories. And while shepherding our flock, we will learn the tricks of nature observation, which is indispensable for shepherding. Since we will be on the move and in a mountainous terrain all day long, our lunches will be in the form of rations today, but taste is guaranteed. When we return to the stables, perhaps the most enjoyable time of the day will begin. Watching the kids, who have been waiting for their mothers all day long, run to meet their mothers will give you unforgettable moments. After our kids are fed with mother's milk, it will be time to love these sweet babies. We will combine the pleasant time spent with goats and kids with an evening with a bagpipe concert, a horon workshop and an throwing folk song workshop. Our evening conversations will be accompanied by traditional wool spinning equipment and stories. We will end our day with an evening of conversation accompanied by traditional desserts and snacks. 


Day 3: Sunday, March 10, 2024

After having breakfast at our accommodation, we will bid farewell to our accommodation, witness the birth of Capricorns, accompany the herd, chat about goat farming, go on nature walks, and after a break where we will taste traditional Eastern Black Sea dishes, we will set out to reach the airport. 


Accommodation: Livadi Bungalow / Fırtına Valley / Çamlıhemşin-RIZE

Trip Fee: 10.750 TL + Youth fee: 8.500 TL


*Our fee includes everything except intercity transportation and alcoholic beverages. 

*We will welcome our guests from Rize-Artvin airport and send them off from the same airport.

0532 3707004

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