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School of Life


Founded by Environmental Activist Güneşin Aydemir in 2010, the School of Life continues its activities at Çamtepe Ecological Life Center and with  Goluri in the Eastern Black Sea Region. The School of Life focused on topics such as fairy tales, sound, movement and music, play, design, nature observation, the nature of health and holistic healing, and compost, in the context of patterns. In addition, it was held as a one-semester elective course in 2012 within the framework of the Bologna Program of Capa Medical Faculty. 

Within the School of Life Program; 


  • We act from the most fundamental questions of life. 

  • Over time, these questions paved the way for new questions, so the content is constantly changing.

  • Some key concepts come to our focus every time, so they have an internal integrity, a methodology. For example, patterns, chaos theory, fractals, the mathematics of the universe/nature/music... We can start with music and find ourselves in subjects such as mathematics, physics, philosophy, dance, movement, handwork.

  • An important part of this methodology is the holistic approach. So there is both theory and practice; We train both our mind and body. Music, movement, dance, fairy tales, peaceful atmosphere, good wishes are not missing. It appeals to the soul and the heart. It has a festive dimension and we plant seeds in our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls that we hope will grow and flourish later. 

  • During the days we spend together, there are also auxiliary elements such as “secret friend”, “concept tree”, “morning exercise” that bring together the participants/listeners, the narrators and add a rhythm to the day.



 Our intentions for targeted behavioral and thought changes in participants are:  


  • To give hope to the participants to discover their potential and realize themselves in today's conditions and to enable them to discover active hope paths, 

  • Connecting our actions and thoughts with the “other” and with other disciplines, 

  • To raise curiosity about himself, nature, environment and the mysteries of the universe,

  • activating the feeling of amazement, 

  • Seeing, exploring and experiencing the place and time of the joy of life together

  • “What should I do?” To introduce those who ask the question to a holistic tool, resource and communication network that they can apply in their daily lives.

  • To provide theoretical and practical information about the nature and the need to apply to patterns in harmony with the flow of the universe while seeking solutions to complex and difficult problems for human life. 

  • To ensure that music, fairy tales, science and art take place in the daily life of every person.

  • Inspiring about ways to achieve total happiness and well-being in community life. 

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